Dilip's 2006 Garden Journal

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A few days ago I thought that the cherry blossoms would be at peak only for a day or so, but the tree seems to still be at peak and maybe even have yet more blooms! I estimate that it has not a thousand, but several thousand blooms. I feel so fortunate!

The hyacinths have grown in a day with all of them wide open. They're so fragrant! The bedroom is heady with their sweetness, and they can be smelled throughout the first floor.

I lightly pruned the rather large (maybe 7' tall by 10' wide?) but sparse evergreen in the backyard that I believe is a privet (one of the few bushes I didn't plant on my property but that I inherited), as well as just a few leggy shoots of the red tip photinia and Nellie Stevens hollies in the back side yard. The flowering almonds are about at peak of bloom!

I took an inventory of my roses in preparation for pruning and deciding which new ones I may want to plant. It's time to prune since forsythia is blooming; I'll post the summary of the roses when I do prune (soon).


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