Dilip's 2006 Garden Journal

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The rose show was today and we did well! With my wife's help, we first put together the miniature arrangement. It was quite simple, but took some time to select the roses and get them in place. We were very pleased with the arrangement, but it took a close 2nd prize next to one of my friend Sue Illg's always-lovely arrangements. My big arrangement took a blue ribbon and American Rose society Artist Award! This is I think the third time I have won the blue ribbon and an Artist Award.

I did okay, but not great in horticulture. The show was tiring - we went to bed around 11p and set the alarm for 4:40. We ended up at the show just a few minutes after 7a, and had till 10:30a. The arrangements took us till around 9:30 or 9:40, and we went right to 10:30 with the roses we wanted to enter into the horticulture contest. I hope to add pictures!


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